January 29, 2016

Copenhagen in a day


It is crazy to think that a meal, or in my case this morning a hot café americano, can transport you to another place in time. This morning I am transported back to the gorgeous dining room at the D’Angleterre Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. In this moment I am sitting across from my mother, sipping my café americano (to be fair…tastes a lot better in Europe, than in my living room) and admiring these gorgeous pastries, well Danishes to be specific. How can you not try them all, right? Carbs don’t count on vacation, haha, I definitely think I let that phrase carry over into real life too


Not only do they bring us this gorgeous array of warm Danishes, but they also bring us out their fresh preserves: blackberry, orange, raspberry and cherry. Honestly, you could spread this on cardboard and I still would have eaten it, haha. The orange was just so fragrant and delicate like a flower, wow, unbelievable! This is definitely the best way to start a day in Copenhagen. After all, you are going to walk or bike everywhere the rest of the day, right?

IMG_7087 IMG_7096

The walking was phenomenal, my mother and I were not adventurous enough to rent bicycles, but I did vow when I return next I will stay for longer and I will ride around on a bicycle (the cute ones with the baskets). I also really want to be able to take Lulu with me, goodness, how cute would that be!

IMG_9254 IMG_9255

We walked down so many beautifully designed streets, still buzzing from all the caffeine in our morning coffees and just taking in all the rich history surrounding us. After several blocks, and by several I mean 2km, we arrived at the Langelinie Park, where the magnificent Gefion Fountain greeted us. This massive bronze fountain is a depiction of the Norse goddess Gefion and is the largest monument in Denmark. Once you get past the enormity of this fountain you make your way through this gorgeous garden, filled with beautiful statues and art installations and there is the massive crowd – tourists all huddled at the shoreline waiting to step out on the rocks to take a picture with The Little Mermaid. Many journalists equate this to New York’s Statue of Liberty, due to its iconic nature. Although it was beautiful and its location on the harbor was impressive, I was more excited about our next stop: Noma. The foodie mecca, the unattainable reservation, whatever you want to call it, just make sure you visit. René Redzepi is closing the doors to the current Noma at the end of this year and reopening a new urban farm concept in 2017. Stay tuned for my next feature on Noma, aka the most incredible food experience you will ever have.

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