January 29, 2016

The Dinner Party Project


The secret is out! The Dinner Party Project, created by Dana Marie Roquemore, is an absolute delight! I heard about this unique concept while I was at the hair salon many months ago and registered online. The party is comprised of a guest host, guest chef and roughly 8 dinner guests. Once registered you are entered into a lottery and randomly selected to participate in one of the few dinners. I was lucky enough to finally be selected….after several months contemplating if I even registered correctly…and boy was it a total hit! It was a little hard to find…but it made it feel even more ‘speakeasy’ ish.


I walked through a side door and was immediately in this cool warehouse space, which was transformed into a cozy dinner party setting.


A clever table runner and a menu dressed charger – unveiling the impressive meal we were about to indulge in with complete strangers.


Our guest house was Colleen and boy did she live up to the title. She warmly greeted every guest and immediately engaged everyone in conversation – making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. I almost forgot the best part: Sarah Monroe the proprietress of The Wandering Wonton, our guest chef for the evening. She is both Cambodian and French, which I think is just so cool and she brings such a wonderful perspective to her dishes that are completely unique and fresh.


Sarah started the evening off with this delicious homemade Brie and Pear Wonton, drizzled with local honey – sticky, savory and sweet. A perfect amuse bouche to set the tone for the evening.


After we polished off the tasty wontons in the entry way, we made our way to the formal table, where our first course was served—coconut sweet potato kale soup. I apologize, but I was so excited to dive in I didn’t even take one photo! Haha But, take my word for it, it was warm and comforting with a wonderful spice profile, characteristic of The Wandering Wonton.

As the meal went on so did our conversation, Colleen supplied us with a fun bowl of dinner party questions to help transform us from 8 strangers to friendly acquaintances and the laughter rolled on into our entrées: Savory Crisp Steak & Spring Onions Over Rice Noodles with Side of Garlicky Bacon Broccoli. This picture just does not do this meal justice! The Steak was marinated for over 72 hours and it was just so flavorful and tender, oh and the sauce, oh the sauce was so good!


Last, but certainly not least, dessert Fried Banana Roll with Dark Chocolate Drizzle and French Vanilla Ice Cream. I cannot thank Dana, Colleen, Sarah and all of my fellow guests enough for such an incredible dinner party experience. I look forward to returning… and hopefully returning as a guest chef stay tuned!


If you are interested in participating, please click the link below and register. Enjoy!

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